#MNPSVoices: Tony Griffy, Technology Support Team Manager


Tony Griffy will never forget Johnny Cash under stage lights as the country music legend gave an unexpected performance at his own tribute concert. Griffy’s view wasn’t the same as that of the audience’s though because he was a part of the team responsible for managing the audiovisual (AV) and production of the show, a unique and personal perspective he has had quite a few times in the past two decades.

Along with Cash, Tom Petty, Vince Gill, Chet Adkins and the Woman of Faith Tour are just a few of the big shows Griffy supported in the ‘90s, both domestic and abroad. He has followed tours through the Dominican Republic, for audiences intimate and large, including one venue holding 90,000 fans. The elements of the job that he loved – the physicality, travel and fast-paced nature – are also what led him to pursue a career shift a few years ago.

“Working in AV and production was really fun, but really hard work,” Griffy said. “I would get home from tours completely exhausted.”

Griffy decided to press pause on his traveling lifestyle and took his A+ (plus) certification to enter the technology support field, another job that requires constant learning and current knowledge of the ever-changing tech world. After a few years of other tech jobs, Griffy joined Metro Nashville Public Schools and is now the technology support team manager in the district’s IT department. His team helps solve technology issues and streamline processes so teachers and administrators can spend more time doing their jobs and less time trying to decipher their devices. He understands and emphasizes the importance of each piece of work that goes into running a large school district in the same way he knew his role impacted an entire performance in the production world.

“We are not just fixing computers as much as we are restoring productivity to help people to do their jobs better to support students,” Griffy said.

Griffy brings a calm, level-headed and positive demeanor to all of his tasks no matter how frustrating. He firmly believes that the way you interact and work together, even in your small teams, can make a difference in the entire organization—with each interaction impacting the next.

“I stay calm by knowing things can go wrong, but there’s always some kind of positive end result,” Griffy said. “I believe If you work hard at something you will have success.”

This year, along with encouraging his team to get out of their offices and engage with others at Metro Schools, Griffy wants to continue improving workflows to track problems at a higher level. He sees improvement but looks forward to mastering the tools available to make the district more streamlined, data-focused and a great place to work and learn.

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