Quality pre-K is vital to student success


On June 21, Metro Schools will host its second annual Excellence in Early Education Summit to highlight best practices in early childhood education, and to give participants access to resources to enhance pre-K educational programs. Mayor Megan Barry, a long-time supporter of early education, and Director of Schools Dr. Shawn Joseph will speak at the event.

In the last two years under Dr. Joseph’s leadership, the district has increased its investment in pre-K programs. Research affirms that pre-K educational programs put students on the path to school success. Youngsters who are enrolled in pre-K programs are nearly four times more likely to do better in school when they have a solid educational foundation heading into kindergarten. Currently, MNPS serves more than 3,000 pre-K students with many of the available pre-K seats for economically disadvantaged children. MNPS’s pre-K program gives children of all income levels access to high-quality, project- and play-based instruction with highly trained early childhood education teachers.

Thanks to a federal preschool development grant, the district added 440 new seats to the pre-K program last year. The grant also funds the work of family involvement specialists who are dedicated to strengthening school-to-home communication. The family involvement specialists link parents to valuable district and community resources, teach workshops about kindergarten readiness and have developed a host of resources – all available online – to help parents support the academic readiness and success of their young children during critical formative years.

Check out these free resources:

Keep informed about new resources for parents and families at mnps.org, and learn more by following MNPS on social media @MNPSFamilies and @MetroSchools.


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