High school seniors get a second chance at the ACT. FOR FREE.

Is your high-school senior unhappy with his or her ACT score? Did they not score high enough for the scholarship they want? Or maybe just want to see if they can reach even higher?

It’s been shown that students who retake the ACT generally improve their score. This helps them qualify for more financial aid, like the HOPE Scholarship. Unfortunately, retaking the exam can be an unexpected expense.

Senior ACT Retake

That’s why the Tennessee Department of Education is giving eligible high school seniors the opportunity to retake the exam FOR FREE.

High school seniors who have previously taken the ACT can sign up to retake the test on October 22 at no cost to them. To take the test for free, students must individually register using a waiver by Sept. 16.

The waivers will be provided through each school’s counselor, and students must use their code when they register for the Oct. 22 test date.

Students who register after Sept. 16 but before the late registration date of Sept. 30 will be responsible for paying the late registration fee.

ACT scores are important. They can make a big impact on a student’s life, even after college. All eligible students are encouraged to visit their school’s counseling office for a free registration code. The waivers are expected to be delivered to each school the week of Aug. 22.

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  1. Just like Metro school to offer this the same day we are to sign up. Then when we try to register we could not! Not happy.


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