Metro Schools will be closed Tuesday, Feb. 24

All Metro Schools will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 24. MNPS and other Metro officials drove hundreds of roads today, and there are too many secondary roads that are still icy and dangerous for school bus travel. Hazardous road conditions were prevalent in the suburban and rural areas of Davidson County where families are more reliant on bus transportation. Joelton, Hermitage, Antioch, Bellevue and Goodlettsville, in particular, are still heavily impacted by icy road conditions.

This school year includes five built-in inclement weather days, and tomorrow will be the seventh. The extra days will be made up during intersession, March 18-19, as planned for in the district calendar. Other potential make-up days, should they be needed, are March 20 and May 28-29.

Below are several images taken by the Metro Schools Snow Patrol as they checked roads this afternoon.

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  1. Are you sharing these photos with the city (Public Works or Transportation), so they can address the roads that are problematic?


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