18 Metro schools rank among highest for performance and growth in Tennessee

Number of Metro Nashville Reward Schools jumps from 12 to 18 in just one year

Breaking a new record for the district, 18 Metro schools have been named 2014 Reward Schools by the state Department of Education. That’s an enormous jump from last year’s list of 12 schools, and it’s representative of the increased student achievement district wide. As a district, Metro Schools posted some of the highest scores statewide for growth in several subjects.

Schools with Reward status are among the highest performing in the state. They are given the designation for landing in the top five percent of all schools statewide for growth, performance or both. Of the 18 Metro schools on the list, five are there for performance, nine for growth and four in both categories.

“These 18 schools reach across geography and across type. They are schools making a difference for our students, helping them grow and achieve,” said Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register. “We are very proud of the work they do, and we need to see more of this kind of progress elsewhere in the district. These schools have found a path to success, and they are the ones to follow.

Reward schools for progress are determined according to the Tennessee Value-added Assessment System (TVAAS) growth index, which is the state’s system for measuring growth. Metro elementary and middle schools have the second highest TVAAS growth index in the state for math and are in the top five percent statewide for reading / language arts. Metro high schools, meanwhile, have the best TVAAS growth index in the state for English II and are in the top five percent for English I.

One of the schools making the most growth in Tennessee is Antioch High School. From 2007 to 2010, Antioch was in one of the lowest categories for achievement under No Child Left Behind. This year they are the very first zoned high school in Nashville to earn Reward Status.

“Antioch has been on a journey for several years,” said Dr. Adrienne Battle-Koger, Antioch’s executive principal. “With our Reward School status, International Baccalaureate and wall-to-wall model Academies, it’s great to be able to offer South Nashville one of the best high school choices in the state.”


Metro Reward Schools:

Performance & Progress

  • Glendale Spanish Immersion Elementary School
  • Liberty Collegiate Academy
  • Lockeland Elementary Design Center
  • Nashville Prep


  • Harpeth Valley Elementary School
  • Hume-Fogg Magnet High School
  • Meigs Magnet Middle Prep
  • MLK Magnet School
  • Percy Priest Elementary School


  • Andrew Jackson Elementary School
  • Antioch High School
  • Cameron College Prep
  • Cameron Middle Prep
  • KIPP Academy Nashville
  • Knowledge Academy
  • New Vision Academy
  • Stanford Elementary Montessori Design Center
  • STEM Prep Academy


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  1. I live in Kentucky and have visited Stanford Elementary Montessori School many times. My son, Ben Travis, has taught first, second and third grades there for a number of years and this year he has a new job there in the computer field. My daughter-in-law, Olivia Travis, has transferred to teach there this year also. And my only granddaughter, Maia Rose Travis, is in preschool there. So it is a family experience. I am totally amazed at the teachers and classroom experiences and communication between teachers and parents at this school. They have students from all walks of life and from many foreign countries and it is amazing how and what they are learning. There is such a cooperative spirit between all the teachers and staff and students and parents. There is a special relationship among all of them and I think the students feel safe and loved. There is a desire to learn and they all seem to enjoy their time spent at the school. I love going there and participating in some of their activities and assisting when I can. The environment is such that the students do learn and enjoy it. It is structured but free within the rules. I am proud to see that they have earned the ‘Progress’ category but am surprised that they are not also in the ‘Performance’ category. It is a fine school on a daily basis and I am very proud that my family work there and that my granddaughter attends there. It is my opinion that this school as a whole is excellent and everyone affiliated with it is proud of it.

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