62 schools with perfect 100 health inspection scores

Congratulations to the 62 Metro schools that received a perfect 100 on their health inspections!

School cafeterias are inspected regularly by the Metro Public Health Department, just like any other restaurant. We actually hold our cafeterias to an even higher standard than the Health Department. When a school’s score dips below 95, we look closely at what’s happening and work toward a solution. Sometimes that means extra training or changes to equipment. Whatever the case may be, we expect a high level of performance from our cafeterias for maximum health and safety.

You can look up any cafeteria or restaurant inspection score on this website.

Help us celebrate these 62 schools with perfect scores!

  • Margaret Allen Middle Prep
  • Antioch Middle Prep
  • Bellevue Middle Prep
  • Nashville Big Picture High School
  • Norman Binkley Elementary School
  • Bordeaux Elementary School
  • Brick Church Middle Prep
  • Caldwell Elementary School
  • Cockrill Elementary School
  • Cole Elementary School
  • Croft Middle Prep
  • Dodson Elementary School
  • DuPont Elementary School
  • DuPont Hadley Middle Prep
  • DuPont Tyler Middle Prep
  • John Early Museum Magnet Middle Prep
  • Fall Hamilton Elementary School
  • Gateway Elementary School
  • Glengarry Elementary School
  • Glenview Elementary School
  • Goodlettsville Middle Prep
  • Gra-Mar Middle Prep
  • Julia Green Elementary School
  • Haynes Middle Prep
  • Joelton Middle Prep
  • Haywood Elementary School
  • H.G. Hill Middle Prep
  • Hillwood High School
  • Hull-Jackson Montessori Magnet Elementary School
  • Andrew Jackson Elementary School
  • Jones Paideia Elementary School
  • Tom Joy Elementary School
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet School
  • Robert E. Lillard Elementary School
  • Kirkpatrick Elementary School
  • LEAD Academy
  • LEAD Academy
  • Isaac Litton Middle Prep
  • McKissack Middle Prep
  • Madison Middle Prep
  • Maplewood High School
  • Thurgood Marshall Middle Prep
  • Maxwell Elementary School
  • Dan Mills Elementary School
  • Murrell School
  • Neely’s Bend Middle Prep
  • Old Center Elementary
  • Oliver Middle Prep
  • Paragon Mills Elementary School
  • Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School
  • Pennington Elementary School
  • Percy Priest Elementary School
  • Rose Park Magnet Middle Prep
  • Schwab Elementary School
  • Smithson-Craighead Academy
  • Stanford Montessori Magnet Elementary School
  • Tusculum Elementary School
  • Una Elementary School
  • Westmeade Elementary School
  • Bass Learning Center
  • Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School
  • Wright Middle Prep

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