CONTEST: Win an iPad or Beats Headphones just for loving your school

If you can believe it, the 2013-14 school year is almost over. Another chapter closes, and the next one is right around the corner. 2013-14 has been a year of hard work and great memories, and we want to hear yours. Share your thoughts about your school, your favorite teacher or why this school year was so great. We will read every entry and give away an iPads or a pair of Beats headphones to our four favorites! To enter, just answer one or more of these questions:

  • What’s your favorite memory of the school year?
  • What’s your favorite thing about your school?
  • Why is your school your #1 choice?

Your answer could be just a single sentence or it could be a few paragraphs (try to limit it to 500 words or less). Send entries by email to Be sure to include your name, your school and your phone number. The contest is open to families in Metro Nashville Public Schools only. Also let us know if you are a parent, student or teacher. Winners will be announced before school starts. So send in your answers today!

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Enter the “I Love My School” Contest


Oh by the way…

By entering this contest, you are giving us ownership of your entry and permission to use your entry in marketing materials. Winners will be chosen by employees in the Metro Nashville Public Schools Communications Department.

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  1. I like my school because , it’s one of the best schools in mnps ; eventhough , we have a dress code, we do our best to learn as much we can . I learnt from this school (Antioch ) to dominate my day . I don’t care what others think about my school, I do my best and make sure I get somewhere in life .

  2. had a good school year this year at McGavock high school and on my way to graduating this weekend

  3. Danial Moutashleh

    I love my school because it is the best school (Glencliff High) in Nashville that thought me a lot of things in past, present, and future. I will not forget my favorite teachers Ms. Hopkin, Crosby, Nicholas, Desandis ever day I go to their classes they meet me with joyful and happiness on there faces. We go to school because we need to learn to go to college and succeed. I want succeed as I want breath!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Amy Campbell

    I love Edison … The parent and teacher involvement is by far the best … This was our first year there and was very impressed …

  5. Katielynn Lopez

    Favorite memory of this school year would have to be the last day of school because every one was kind and sweet. We all came together like a family. My school is very helpful and caring. Everyone is like a family we have our problems but we always work through it. (Cora Howe School)

  6. I love my school because my teachers teach me a lot there

  7. fatma sharif

    i love my school because it offers me a lot of technique and it lets us express our also lets us meet our required standards and helps us with everything they can.and if there a problem they help us take care of it ,they never let you down or ever give up they push you until you realize that it will benefit you in the future i want to thank all my teachers and staff and especially my officer .officer faye okert the best in all metro public schools and i want to thank my school isaac litton middle for giving all its strength and power

  8. I love my school because it inspires us to do our best and follow our dreams. One other thing I love about my school is that the teachers teach us creatively andwe get to work with our other classmates. The school I go to is Bailey Stem Magnet Middle School. I hope you found that my message was helpful.

  9. My favorite thing about my school is that I get to do stuff at school creatively. One other thing that is my favorite is that we get to work with stuff that are full with technology. Those were my favorite things about my school.

  10. The #1 thing I love about my school (Haynes/ Joelton) is how even tho we are two schools in one building, we all mange to get along and we all work as a team to get each other better. I’m going to the 7th grade and even when Joelton goes back to its regular location I’ll never forget what I’ve learned.

  11. My name is Chris kaizer I’m 13 years old and I go to Margaret Allen middle.My favorite memory of my school was when we went to a farm to look at how they live there life.My favorite thing about my school is how students get along there and the teachers treat students with school is my #1 choice because it’s the best school ever🙌

  12. Hello, my name is Zaya Bryant; I’m in fifth grade, and I go to Margaret Allen Middle School. One of the best memories I’ve had during my school year was our field day. The reason that day was so special to me was because we got off of work mode and got to run around and be free. That’s something I love about my school, for every hard testing day there’s always a fabulous and fun day planed later. I really love Margaret Allen for that. Another great memory I had of Margaret Allen was when we had international day. I loved getting to see all the different cultures do a dance from their native country. I saw dances from India, Asia, Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, and many more! I have to say that most of my memories at Margaret Allen will be positive, and I will remember them forever.

    My school is the number one school because it is very diverse and anyone can fit in there. I’ve seen students come into the school not knowing English and left Margaret Allen being proficient. Another reason why we’re number one is because our teachers are phenomenal. Our ELA teacher teaches us very mature words like expeditious, verbatim, prognosticate, ellipsis, miniscule, and many more. I’d say my vocabulary has increased tremendously since being in her class. My math teacher is very hard on us, but not a one person in her third period class got below proficient on our DEA test. Lastly my science/ social teacher helps us learn through games and fun activities, which believe it or not improved our grades tremendously.Those are just a few reasons why my school is number one.

    My favorite thing about my school is that no matter what we go through, how hard we work, and how long we work it will ALWAYS result in proficient and advanced. And no matter how unfair, unnecessary, and boring the work might be to the students.They’ll appreciate it when they get scholarships in the long run.

  13. I love my school ( Mt. View Elementary) because it has so many great activities to do! I also love my teachers they always teach me to be myself and believe my dreams! My teachers also helped me achieve my goals! My teachers also helped me read above my grade level! I love my school so much because they inspire me chase my dreams just like a mountain lion is chasing its prey! I have learned so much these past years in Mt. View and there is 1 more year til I graduate from Mt. View ( I am in 3rd grade now). Mt. View is a super fun and an awesome school! The teacher are also nice, kind, loving, caring, and the principal is also funny! Someday I wish I can help Mt. View! Someday there will be a day where I will come back to that school and remember all those memorys… Just someday.

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