Every senior in the Hunters Lane band gets a scholarship offer from the same school

All I can say is, they must have put on a heckuva show.

The Hunters Lane High School band got a great piece of news this week: every single band senior has been offered a scholarship to attend Concordia College in Selma, Alabama.

According to Hunters Lane principal Sue Kessler, Concordia’s band director came to school to recruit and simply said “I want them all!”

“It has been a great start to the new year for the Warrior Band,” said Hunters Lane band director William T. Brooks III. This is Mr. Brooks’ first year at Hunters Lane, and he is focused on getting each of his students into college.

“Even if they choose to attend another university, students’ knowledge that they are being actively recruited and offered scholarships is incredibly powerful in terms of self esteem,” said Dr. Nola Jones, Metro Schools coordinator of visual and performing arts.

Way to go, Warriors!! We are so proud of you!

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  1. Awesome! Congrats to all! Keep with it. Band/Music is a wonderful experience.


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