Middle schoolers look at future careers at HG Hill

HG Hill Middle School invited community partners and volunteer professionals to come interact with the students to help them learn about various careers and jobs open to them in the future.

During the week, students have been studying careers and doing activities to help them understand more about career options. The career fair is a time for them to use some of that knowledge to learn more about the careers that interest them. The students spoke with volunteers and asked them various questions about their careers, including how what they learn now can apply to their futures.

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It was a wonderful time for students to explore their interests and begin to see what possibilities there are in the future. We had more than 40 volunteers speak with students, covering a wide range of careers – financial, community service, politics, the arts and even a doula!

Metro Board of Education Representative Amy Frogge, as well as TN House Representative Bo Mitchell, both presented. The seventh and eighth grade Ambassadors hosted the event, giving them a wonderful opportunity for leadership and community involvement.

We are proud of our school and are excited about the community support that is happening at HG Hill Middle School.

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  1. What a great idea for the kids to see a real world application of their school work! We should have these in all the schools. Thanks H. G. Hill for putting this together. I had so much fun talking to the kids today. They were so polite and asked great questions. I can’t wait to join next year. I hope more people sign up to share their careers. It is a simple way to change the community for the better.

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