Metro teachers are loved… here’s proof

Teacher Appreciation Week wrapped up this weekend, capping a (well-deserved) seven-day love fest for teachers all over the country.

We wanted our teachers to feel the love, too. So we asked our Facebook and Twitter communities to tell us what they loved about their favorite teachers past and present, Metro or otherwise. Here are some of their answers.

  • Denise Armstrong (Cane Ridge High School) This teacher is one of a kind through high school she help build the path for many students towards a post secondary education and throughout my first year in College she continues to encourage us to strive for success and excellence with a college career. At our high school she was the AVID coordinator although the program was shut down, she still helped us all out and the majority of the students that began in the program ended up graduated with honors. That my Best/ Favorite teacher ever.
  • Mr. George! (Cane Ridge) He believed in all his students and made everyone want to learn. More than grateful that i had him as a teacher.
  • I had several wonderful teachers in MNPS but Greg Patterson was one of my very favorite teachers and remains to be one of my favorite people. Period.
  • Rebecca Banazsak ( Hillsboro high school) she is an amazing media concepts teacher! She shows and tells us how to step it up and live in reality because we have our own personal talent that we all want to achieve. She encourages us so much! She is awesome! I love her!
  • I had so many great MNPS teachers! Dr. Sharon Chaney , Kathy Phillips MooreMary Ann GrayJeanne HubertKim Wonders, and Terry King at Hunters Lane; David Brooks at Goodlettsville Middle School; Carol Dunnivant at Goodlettsville Elementary; Barbara Ritttenburg in Encore. Looking back, I realize what a lucky student I was. My son is only in Kindergarten, but he already has an amazing group of teachers, too.
  • Ms Cathy Anderson Henson was the kindergarten teacher for my oldest two daughters at Hickman Elementary. She had a great relationship with both the students and parents. She made learning fun and they looked forward to school each day to see her. Because of the great start in school, given by her, both of my girls love to learn and are straight A students. Thank you Ms. Henson for dedicating your life to teaching.
  • Jessica Seator is the reason I graduated and the reason I teach!! Thanks for being amazing:)
  • TJ Babb (Hume-Fogg). No language contains words that could possibly describe this man.
  • Wanda Anglin. I had her for history and psychology. She always had a genuine love for her students. If we were having trouble grasping a concept, she would take the time to make sure we got it. In her own unique way she gave so many students a true love of this country and taught us how to think for ourselves regarding political matters. She taught us to look at ALL of the facts and educate ourselves about the issues so that we could make informed decisions.
  • Romelle Henry, Latin teacher at Hunters Lane, early 1990s.
  • Ann Young Cumbie is the reason I became a teacher. She taught me high school math for three years and SO much more. She has a love for math and her students, something I have tried to do during my time as an educator!
  • My favorite teacher ever was Mrs.Bradshaw. She taught 6th grade Social Studies at Meigs and she had the most amazing stories. I still remember them. Also, she knew her stuff and made learning about Egypt amazing. I also loved Mrs.McBride the Art Teacher and Caul Williams the drama teacher. My Meigs teachers were Awesome!
  • Mrs. Patsy Partin….always my favorite as a child!!! And Ms. Julie Drogin…my favorite as an adult. Love y’all…
  • Dorothy Scott pearl cohn rip
  • Jessica Slayton enriched and fed my love for math while I was a student, inspired myself and countless others to become math educators, and is still teaching me new tricks to this very day! I owe my career and love of math to her, and I would not have survived the first five years without her.
  • Jeff Swink! He was my 6th grade teacher forever ago and is one reason I’m a teacher today!
  • Sue Wirsing, Mrs. Keyes, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Osteen, Mr. Peebles (RIP), Mr. ChristieAnne Whitefield (my Principal for 6 yrs), Mrs. McBride, all of my Math teachers!
  • my favorite teachers were all my teachers because they really knew there stuff way back when…I salute them all!!!
  • TJ Babb, the APUSH teacher at hume-fogg is off the books amazing. Captivating, thrilling, and whacks you (metaphorically) with a heck of a histroy class that gurantees you valuble life long american history knowledge, and a 5 on the exam!
  • Mrs. Gwen McFarland, sixth grade at Amqui Elementary … Later she was on the Metro Council for many years
  • Mr. Roberts. He taught Biology at Hillwood when I was a kid and he taught my son at Hume Fogg. His approach to the teenagers and enthusiasm towards science is inspiring.
  • Miss Jim Lee Allen taught math at Hillsboro in the ’60’s. A little scary, but she knew her stuff and ran class very efficiently. Also, Jackie Turner in Chemistry; she was the most fair teacher I ever had.
  • 80s out of Whites Creek Ms. Ruth Young hands down!!!!! 2nd Bruce Bowers…..
  • Tara would say Ms. Lynn Kaufman and Ms. Harris (@ Rose Park).
  • My favorite teacher ever was Dr. Judy Blackwelder at Glencliff high school. She with my band director from seventh to 12th grade and was the most influential teacher I ever had. We learned so much more than music with her. We learned teamwork, timing, multi-tasking, and much more. Dr. Blackwelder has been a gift to 30 years of students.
  • I had two – Mr. Adair (Cameron Middle – 7th grade social studies) and Mr. Mayes (Cameron – 8th grade English) I remember more from their classes because they made class fun.
  • Hard to choose between Mrs. Tulloch (Dalewood) Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Boucher (Gateway) I could go on ….
  • Mrs. Moodespaugh, 1984, Franklin Elementary
  • Mrs. Dowlen at DuPont Tyler Middle School. 1998 English class. She trully took the time to make sure every single one of her students understood her lessons and her lessons were college level. Thanks to her I learned to love and appreciate literature. She always pushed us to do better than what we thought we could.
  • My favorite didn’t teach me in class, but because of Curtis Polk I observed and learned so much. He is the biggest influence on my decision to get my degree. His love for the profession and relationship with students was absolutely phenomenal!!! Thank you Curtis for helping me find my “niche” in life. Love you
  • Mrs W.H. Williams of Antioch High Antioch High School, Antioch, TN. She was not only a great teacher but a person we strove to emulate.
  • Mr. Taft, 1981 @ Pennington Elementary. First grade is monumental for kids, and he was so kind, and jovial. He was so tall, yet I lovingly remember him as a gentle giant. I can remember his voice very well, he definitely knew how to wrangle up the attention of 5 and 6 year old kids. He laughed a lot, and made learning fun. At recess, he would come outside and swing us around by one arm and one leg, the spinning was a treat for us, he was so sweet. I know times have changed a lot since then, but looking back then, things were just so different then. Those were truly carefree moments in my life. I cherish those memories and the dizzy giggles we all longed for. He also instilled a good sense of acceptance in us. He had lost part of one of his fingers somehow, so I remember him telling all of us how it was ok to be different and not to judge folks. He was a good man, I saw him at Krogers a few times many years later, and feel so blessed I got to see his big smile again. I enjoyed school, and still love to read and learn new things every day, and I appreciate him so dearly, because he was a key part of the process. He gave his all to the kids and the parents. RIP Mr. Taft, my friend.
  • I’ve had some incredible teachers, and I work with some of the best at HG Hill MS!
  • MR. Joshua Henderson from Antioch High School the best teacher ever!!!
  • My love my children’s teachers at Caldwell Enchanced Option School. Ms Wynn, Ms Hudgins, Ms Patterson and Ms Wells
  • ms arbuckle at dupont tyler middle took over at begin of yr when mr rickey unexpectedly daughter abigail in 6th grade was so upset when the chage occured.she had add and anxiety issues.after meeting with ms arbuckle though ,we were pleasantly surprised .abi loves her.she is very friendly and cares about the kids she teaches .abi has had all a’s this yr.we even gave ms arbuckle preds tickets we could not’s not often that a teacher becomes a mentor to the child but also a good friend to the parents.we need more teachers like her and i would love to recognize her.
  • My son’s teachers are the most incredible teachers he has ever had during his first few years of Elementary School. His homeroom teacher, Ms. Tera Tidwell, at Dupont Elementary School is the BEST! She has worked so well with my son this year that I wish it was possible for her to just most along with him each year! We appreciate everything she has done this year for him. Thank you, Ms. Tidwell, for making everything so awesome for Alex this year!!!
  • Thanks to Mrs. Coll @ Granbery Elem. for being the best kindergarten teacher ever! She will be greatly missed (retiring).
  • Dr.Ketsdever was my daughters Kindergarten teacher the 1st yr Mt. View opened. My 1st grader had her last year! She’s awesome!
  • Just want to say what a remarkable teacher Barbara Allen is @HumeFogg ! Truly one of the best!

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