Easier field trips? Done. Thank Glencliff students

Field Trip Screen ShotNever let it be said that Metro students don’t want to help their teachers.

A group from Glencliff High School wants to make it as easy as possible to plan field trips. As part of their work in Ms. Jackson’s Travel and Tourism Marketing class in the Academy of Hospitality and Marketing, they developed a website for just that purpose.

From Ms. Yolanda Jackson:

The goal of the project was to create a web page that would capture the tools teachers need to plan fieldtrips that support curriculum standards and provide real world experiences through field excursions for learning.  Students surveyed teachers to gather fieldtrip options for subject areas as well as to determine if this site would be useful in field trip planning.  Community volunteer, Zachary Hamilton of JAZ Marketing LLC, worked closely with students and teacher, Yolanda Jackson, to provide instruction on developing websites using a rich-media POPs (Published One-Pagers), a micro-publishing platform.

The teachers and students of this project hope to continue to make updates to the site by adding additional subject areas and more teacher centered tools to make planning field trips easy.

BIG thanks to Zach Hamilton and JAZ Marketing LLC for his partnership with the class and help in this project.

See the website for yourself!

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