Music Makes Us: A Year in Review

Music Makes UsReflecting on a busy inaugural year for Music Makes Us, we wish to acknowledge our generous donors,
briefly summarize accomplishments and look ahead to the coming year.

Music Makes Us is grateful to the founding donors of the initiative, including Martha Ingram, Gibson
Foundation, Big Machine Records LLC, Curb Records, The Recording Academy, MaryAnn McCready and Roy
Wunsch, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bumstead, Nancy Shapiro, BMI, and SESAC.

Joining Mayor Dean, Dr. Register, the Music Makes Us Advisory Council are key partners and contributors, including the Country Music Association, Gibson Guitar Corp., The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, Warner Music Nashville, KHS America, Yamaha, VH1 Save the Music, Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, Little Kids Rock, and others.

Music Makes Us believes that to deliver a world class music education we must:

  1. engage more students in music
  2. reflect our culturally and ethnically diverse community where over 120 languages are spoken
  3. restore and strengthen the legacy programs in chorus, band and orchestra
  4. excite students around new and emerging music technologies.

We are appreciative of both the spirit and the determination that are at the heart of this work and pledge work for continued commitment and support.

2012 – 2013 Highlights

  • 22 New contemporary music classes
  • Investments from music community
  • Professional & leadership development
  • Launch Teacher Advisory Council
  • Music technology with SmartMusic in all high schools
  • Student record label & recording studio launch
  • Band programs restored in 3 middle schools
  • Mid-State Honors for over 275 students
  • School Board Resolution affirming the value of music and arts education
  • Research on the impact of music education in Metro Schools

Looking Ahead to Next Year

  • 7 new full-time music teachers
  • 40 contemporary music classes
  • Indoor percussion & color guard program
  • SmartMusic in all middle schools
  • Community partnerships and visiting artist program
  • Student leadership & internships
  • Teacher professional &leadership development
  • Student opportunities for performance

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  1. Having been to a senior recital, a stellar Music Academy performance where an exceptional Double Reed Ensemble performed an exceptionally difficult Tango (the double reed ensemble is one of 22 OUT OF ALL US high schools BTW) tonights piano recital was impressive just leaves me breathless and wanting more. My child has had more opportunities the last two years – and has earned Distinctive scholars diploma already and she is not even a junior – all because of the music program at her school.

    On Monday evening, Her youth symphony introduced 17 seniors that were moving on a variety of mostly private universities. Her high school, an MNPS high school and not a magnet, stood proud with 5 of the seniors earning as many if not more scholarships in engineering, computer programing etc.. It was impressive and encouraging. As a parent – you will consider one of MNPS’s music programs, it has served our family well.


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