Metro teachers are Common Core leaders in Tennessee

I know it, you know and now the rest of the state knows it: Metro teachers are tops in Tennessee.

Cementing their place as statewide leaders in education, 21 more Metro teachers have been chosen to teach other teachers how to adapt to Common Core.

From the Tennessee Department of Education:

The Tennessee Department of Education is enlisting the help of more than 700 teachers to
help their peers navigate the transition to the Common Core State Standards. This year’s cohort will help
lead 5 weeks of summer trainings on the Common Core math, English/language arts and literacy standards,
reaching more than 30,000 teachers across the state. They follow in the footsteps of last year’s 200
coaches, who have spent this school year guiding their colleagues on the Common Core transition in math
for grades 3-8.

The Metro teachers selected for this honor are:

  • Leslie Copen
  • Sonja Jackson-Bryant
  • Rachel Amescua
  • Jill Ivey
  • Teresa Agee
  • Shannon Taylor
  • Sonya Daniels
  • Keri Davis
  • Kristian Dennison
  • Aliya Washington
  • Tracy Gatlin
  • Mallory Darcy
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Watechia Lawless
  • Catherine Hancock
  • Deborah Mitchell
  • Julia Duchon
  • Andrew Strong
  • Melissa Stugart
  • Cicely Woodard
  • Shannon Youngman

Nice work!

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